Joe Popp

Associate Principal, Science and Technology, Washington, D.C.

A childhood rich with explorations into the pockets of nature throughout West Virginia not only instilled a deep fascination with science and the natural world but also a love of art for Joe. It seems in perfect order that his path would lead him to become an architect focused primarily on the planning and design of spaces for scientists. Joe has spent the past two decades building a portfolio that includes research and teaching labs for biomedicine, neuroscience, synthetic chemistry, energy, physics, and engineering. Through his inherent appreciation for methodical, mission-minded scientists, he has developed a deep understanding of how to best create innovative and collaborative environments that advance and encourage scientific discovery while enhancing productivity. His leadership is characterized by a spirit of collaboration and a meticulous attention to detail. Though he claims watercoloring is only a hobby, his vibrant, nature-filled paintings tell a story of a soul-feeding investigation into the light patterns of a world discovered simply by watching and listening.

“I see, through the 20+ years that I’ve been working with scientists, they have a very similar outlook (to architects) because they are focused on humanity, focused on developing innovative capacities for humanity to grow, to help people live more in alignment with the natural world, the rhythms of the natural world.”