Joelle Jefcoat

FAIA, Esq.
Principal, North Carolina

During her formative years, Joelle embraced the perspective that broad thinking with an overlay of education and practice can lead to a fulfilling career. Her graduate studies at the University of Virginia drew her to the institution’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, an architect and lawyer. Joelle became both an architect and a lawyer herself—a combination that allows her full immersion in design, acting as translator, educator, and counselor. She thinks like an architect, but through the lens of risk management.

Outside of the office, Joelle continues hands-on design work through personal architecture and interior design projects. Her foundation in architecture is also present in the way she views cherished family “glamping” trips. She marvels in the problem solving for the efficiency needs and movable parts of camping trailers. Family is Joelle’s highest priority. Her ability to inspire, translate, and educate extends to imparting life lessons to her two young sons.

“I see myself as a translator, bridging the languages of design and the law. Since I think both as an architect and a lawyer, I enjoy bringing depth to the roles of advocate and advisor.”
Joelle was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, D.C. on Monday November 13, 2017 with fellow members of The Jefferson Society.

The Jefferson Society is a national organization of about 120 dual professionals who are trained in the law and in architecture, just like Thomas Jefferson.