Kalpana Kuttaiah

Associate Principal, Health, Atlanta

As a 4-year old, Kalpana received among other gifts, a miniature Tokyo tower souvenir when her parents returned from a visit to Japan. Fascinated by what they had to tell her about their travels to faraway places, she remembers thinking, she would travel the world one day. And she has done just that for more than three decades. She has been to 70 countries so far! Kalpana truly believes that she was meant to be a citizen of the world. She believes places become an intrinsic part of us—when we breathe it, we have lived it.

Kalpana has a long career and background in architecture, research, and practice informed by myriad cultural experiences. With a passion for design and innovation informed by critical inquiry and thinking, she promotes ideas and research that culminate in publications and interdisciplinary exchanges. Her tenacity for learning while motivating others has allowed Kalpana to provide great leadership for Perkins&Will as she champions firmwide efforts to build a knowledge base for our health practice, dispensing information, working on firmwide research initiatives, and incorporating research ideas into project-driven solutions.

Over the years our health practice has convened to apply critical design thinking resulting in innovative, future-focused solutions.
Fun Fact about Kalpana
In the first three years of living in the United States, Kalpana visited 49 of the 50 states. Twenty-seven years later, she has still not made it to Kansas!
The two attributes she lives by are “wonder” and “joy.” They have driven her to be an avid photographer. Her travels and time behind the lens color the way she sees things; the way she relates to culture; the way she gains knowledge; the way she experiences design.

Kalpana's Featured Work

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Charlestown, Massachusetts