Announcements July 20, 2021

The 24th Issue of the Perkins&Will Research Journal

This issue of Perkins&Will Research Journal includes four research articles and a book review. The research articles focus on different research topics, including regenerative design for healthcare, conceptual innovations in healthcare design, innovative approach for designing radiation oncology environments, and the impacts of changing working behaviors during the pandemic on operational carbon.

An Interlace of Regenerative Design in Ambulatory Care: Emerging Practices and Principles of Healthcare Decentralization in Community-Based Design” discusses decentralization of healthcare within the community context and a framework for community-based planning for physical and mental health. The article presents a specific case study, Piedmont Pinewood Wellness Center, and illustrates how the framework was utilized for the design and planning of this facility.

Conceptual Innovations in Healthcare Design: Therapeutic Community as a Translational Laboratory” presents a design exploration, conducted for a specific design competition focusing on the design of a therapeutic community for space travel. The article discusses how translational medicine may drive innovation in healthcare design and presents a conceptual design for an interplanetary vehicle.

Outside the Box: An Innovative Approach to Vault Design and the Evolution of the Radiation Oncology Environment” investigates design strategies for this specialized healthcare environment which enhance the well-being, comfort, and patients’ safety. The article discusses a specific case study, as well as relevant literature.

COVID-19 Response: Impact of Adaptive Working Behavior on Operating Carbon” presents influences of different scenarios of working and commuting behavior on energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. Two case studies are presented, and the analysis shows the implications in changes in behavior and the resulting carbon implications.

Book Review: Research Methods for the Architectural Profession” analyzes a recently published book on architectural research. The review states that the book addresses this important topic with clarity and directness and suggests that it can be used a roadmap for all firms interested in engaging in research.

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