Kelly Schnell

Associate Principal, Seattle

Kelly set her sights on architecture at an early age when a high school counselor suggested it was a career that could fit her interests in both math and art. It has in fact provided ample opportunities for her to exercise both technical and creative thinking, but her greatest passion has turned out to be in managing the human element of the design process. She is committed to bringing a culture of collaboration, compassion, and deep engagement to her teams and believes the best work flows from the teams that trust each other the most.

Kelly has a heart for Science and Technology projects, as she spent the first decade of her career working on complex research buildings for UW Medicine and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, but she has leveraged her passion for team-building across multiple market sectors.

She spends her weekends outdoors as often as possible, ideally lakeside with her family and a good book. She firmly believes that the Pacific Northwest in the summertime is the happiest place on earth.