Kricket Snow

Associate Principal, Miami

Many of Kricket’s fondest memories are the result of time spent in her grandfather’s woodworking shop as a child. It is where she took an interest in the art of building things, an interest that would ultimately guide her career towards architecture. She also learned from her family that hard work, determination, and integrity are qualities that should define us.

Her design philosophy is built on integrity. This is evident in her community-focused work approach where her projects give more than expected and leave lasting positive impacts to the communities they serve.

Kricket has built with Habitat for Humanity, managed many community-based projects, and held a board position for the Miami Center for Architecture and Design (MCAD) since its inception. She is an advocate for advancing the profession and a consistent mentor for young staff in the Miami studio.

“Travel is the best education for young architects.”
Fun Fact
Kricket is an avid builder and during graduate school, she built homes for Habitat for Humanity. She enjoyed the experience so much that she took a summer job working in construction carpentry. Her experience learning about materials and structures helped to inform her career as an architectural project manager. She gained invaluable experience understanding quality control, scheduling, and cost management.