Laura Gwyn

Principal, Managing Director, North Carolina

Laura’s early life was shaped by two things that converge in her role as Managing Director of the North Carolina practice: a strong team leadership inclination and an understanding of the impact design has on the human experience. Her connection to Perkins&Will began in her first architecture course, within a building designed by the firm to elevate the student experience. Some call it ‘paying it forward’ – Laura is deliberate in her positive influence on individuals, design teams, and the outcome of projects to deliver rich, compelling places grounded in innovation and design excellence.

Known for her 360-degree perspective—gained from her experience in roles as architect, construction manager, and owner representative—Laura leads design teams to achieve singular project visions. Grounded by expertise in health and wellness and motivated by the dynamic, progressive nature of architecture, she applies a high level of community care to 21st century challenges that support a healthy, sustainable future for all.

“I am excited about leading the industry and our clients forward, addressing their needs while addressing the urgent challenges of community health and climate impact.”
Whether designing a transformational healthcare project or new ways for teams to work together, Laura is a champion for collaboration and partnership.
Duke Health Bed Tower Addition
Durham, North Carolina
Atrium Union West Hospital
Matthews, North Carolina
The North Carolina health and wellness team design new global standards for healthcare design and delivery.