Lawrence Kline

Principal, Managing Director, Miami

Growing up in 1960s Miami Beach, instilled Larry with a love for modernist architecture that would ultimately lead him to take a different professional path than his father and both of his brothers took as real estate attorneys. Instead, he chose to follow his passion for art and design. The intersection of indoor and outdoor living in Miami helped to shape his own design philosophy of following a simple palette. He works to create designs that work in harmony with and enhance the natural environment, by showcasing clean, strong architectural forms in tune with the landscape and the strength of natural light in a tropical environment.

Larry has spent his life living in the Miami area. After graduate school in New York and Florence, and a brief stint working in Washington, DC, he returned to his roots in Miami understanding the growing importance of South Florida’s architecture, art, culture, and wonderfully diverse community.

As the Managing Director of our Miami studio, Larry has taken a conscious approach to creating a culture of professionalism and inclusiveness inside of the office and outside in the design community. These tenets form the foundation of his viewpoint that respect and integrity are to be honored, nurtured, and protected.

“The start of every new design opportunity includes that thrilling first concept, the alignment of client’s goals, and aspirations along with the building of trust and respect across the team. When those three elements come together and are retained from design through construction, that provides the most reward at the end of the day”

He serves on the Board for the Bakehouse Art Complex, a not-for-profit arts group that offers new and emerging artists, studio and gallery space to help advance their careers. In addition, Larry serves on the architectural advisory boards of the University of Miami, the University of Florida, and Florida International University.

Lawrence's Featured Work

Ransom Everglades School, STEM Building
Coconut Grove, Florida