Lesley Braxton

Principal, Atlanta

The daughter of an artist and an engineer, Lesley naturally gravitated toward architecture’s unique meld of ‘right-‘ and ‘left-brain’ thinking. After  an evening in the architecture studio, helping a friend render their project by hand, she found a true passion for the field, and the rest is history.

Lesley started her career in commercial office building design and, by chance, began working on a student center 10 years later. She was immediately hooked on designing for students, and in the education sector as a whole, finding a special niche in what she would refer to as the “classroom-to-boardroom” experience.

Lesley enjoys an annual vacation with her best friend where they paint watercolors together; an activity that she now invites her children to join in on. She also spends regular “me time” cycling, and has completed several 100+ mile races.

Watercolor painting of the Grand Canyon
San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona
Lesley's two kids, ready for the job site.
“Design is important because people matter.”