Mads Dyssel Engel

Associate Principal, Denmark

Mads Dyssel Engel manages a vast portfolio of large-scale projects that range from adaptive reuse commercial space, to waterfront mixed-use developments across Europe and North America. In addition to his role as Director of Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s Copenhagen studio, Mads is responsible for resource planning across projects, supervision of project managers and architects, approval and overview of project budgets, recruitment of staff, and overall project management. Mads’s structured and analytical approach to projects forms a solid base for decision-making processes, and results in an even design flow that puts the client’s and other stakeholders’ needs at the center.

Malmö Live
Malmö, Sweden
“Schmidt Hammer Lassen is a dynamic mix of talent, expertise, and good will. We are a tight-knit group that places design excellence and superior client service above all else, while injecting a healthy dose of fun into our everyday.”