Maggie Wu

Principal, Shanghai

There were several clinics not far from Maggie’s childhood home. And as a young girl, it was how she first learned about medical practices. Now, years later, life has come full circle as she works with her team to close deals for a number of hospital projects all over China.

Her connection with design can be traced back to as early as her university life in an architectural college. She describes that part of her life as ”fun and rewarding” as she began to discover the beauty of design and came to realize the transformative forces that design can bring to people’s lives.

Vigor, resiliency, perseverance and optimism – all qualities that Maggie shows in sports activities are reflected in her work and help stick the team together.

She lives with her husband and two kids. She enjoys travelling with her family to different parts of the world.

“I know there’s no obstacle that can hold me back. I want to embrace it and conquer it. I believe the best and the only way ahead of me is to turn it into something positive.”
Maggie Wu
event photo
Maggie credits her 100M sprint winning records in the past to her sports gene. What she learnt from it is the sports spirit, which helped build her fearlessness and perseverance in face of difficulties and she’s now seeing it in her outdoor-loving kids.