Marc el-Khouri

Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, Houston

Marc’s career is a vivid narrative of cultural depth, business acumen, and profound engagement with the built environment. Raised in Germany and Lebanon by a family steeped in architectural tradition, his natural affinity for the field has driven him to lead projects on five continents as a designer, developer, and workplace strategist. Embracing Picasso’s philosophy of mastering and then artistically bending the rules, Marc has excelled in pioneering new strategies for real estate development, architecture, and urban design. His portfolio, ranging from office buildings to hotels to medical cities, showcases his ability to unite functionality, strategy, and aesthetic elegance.

As a polyglot with a global outlook, Marc’s influence extends beyond his architectural achievements. He actively contributes to the architectural community through academic research and participation in prestigious design juries worldwide. These findings factor into Marc’s professional design work and grant him insight into how each project is shaped by its unique cultural, environmental, and programmatic context.

Exposed to architecture from a young age, Marc attributes his passion for design to his early childhood influences.
"Design has reshaped my worldview, offering a fresh lens for every aspect of life. It's not just about buildings and spaces; it's a mindset for facing any situation with innovation and critical analysis. Design didn't just make me more observant; it equipped me with a multidimensional, problem-solving toolkit."
When he's not at the studio, Marc fuels his artistic side creating and collecting art in various mediums.