Martin Gollwitzer

Operations Director, Houston

Inspired by his grandfather and his career in construction, Martin has always been drawn toward design and the ingenuity of creating unique, memorable spaces. Following in his footsteps, Martin originally pursued a career in development and then real estate finance before ultimately circling back to interior design. There was a passion that captivated him about the strategic process of starting with an abstract concept and then building on that idea and conceptualizing it from the ground up.

The importance of having a vision for the future and shaping it into reality resonated with him in the form of ambition. In the office, Martin believes that when you combine talent, perseverance, and a team mentality, great things can be accomplished. By empowering other professionals to realize their goals and most effective selves, that sense of human capital creates an enduring impact with both his colleagues and clients.

Further uniting science and artistry, Martin loves spending his free time being creative in the kitchen, best enjoyed with friends and family.

“Design has the power to influence actions and emotions on a subconscious level.  People and organizations are constantly influenced by design in small and large ways, even if they aren’t aware of it.  Architects and designers are responsible for the quality of the built environment, and we should hold that sacred.”

Martin once had a four bar trumpet solo at Carnegie Hall.