Max Adams

Associate Principal, Chicago

In Max’s world, the creative journey is not just a passion but a profound fascination. Growing up with a mother who is a painter and potter, producing art has always been present in his life. This exposure gave him an understanding that creativity is born out of investigation, experience, and hard work. Max found architectural design to be his calling because of its exploration of creativity that improves people’s lives.

Max loves working on projects that touch the public in some way, whether that be projects in education, healthcare, or science and technology. He believes that our work needs to respect the human condition, how we interact with each other, and our environment.

University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
Cincinnati, Ohio
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Innovation Hall
Indianapolis, Indiana
Max sees the process of design as a collective endeavor, understanding the unique goals of every client while weaving together the strengths and expertise of his colleagues. The outcome is projects that blend technical excellence and sustainability with a spirit reflecting our clients' values and aspirations.
Heritage Hall of Osteopathic Medicine
Athens, Ohio
Westview High School and YMCA
Omaha, Nebraska

Max's Featured Work

University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
Cincinnati, Ohio