Meg Brown

Principal, Washington, D.C.

Meg grew up in one of the first planned communities in the U.S. It was there that she came to understand the power of design: done well, it can promote diversity, foster inclusion, and even uphold fundamental human values. This realization was the catalyst for Meg’s lifelong career in the architecture and design profession. Her focus? People.

Meg plays an integral role in enhancing our workplace culture, building our teams, and ensuring a rewarding experience for staff at all levels. She’s responsible for recruitment, learning and development, benefits, compensation, performance management, talent brand communication, acquisition-related human resources, and coaching. Meg’s commitment to nurturing the human side of our design practice has led to a thriving firmwide culture of engagement, innovation and collaboration.

Based in our Washington, D.C. studio, Meg works closely with our teams all over the world. A people-person by nature, when she’s not working, she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

“One of our firm's greatest advantages is giving people the opportunity to think outside the box.”