Melanie Turner

San Francisco

In third grade, an architect visited Melanie’s school and asked the students to draw a plan of their homes. That moment, coupled with art classes since she was six and drafting classes in high school, jump started her interest in design at an early age.

Melanie’s attitude about architecture, at any scale, is the same–it should be personal.  Having spent her childhood in upstate New York, Tokyo, and the Bronx, she was exposed to the differences in the human condition and believes that the opportunity for good design occurs in the places where people meet the build environment.

Melanie enjoys visiting art galleries, hopes to one day perfect her billiards skills, and is always in search of the meal that can give her the biggest “food hug.” Her family includes her husband, Rich, and her young son, Arlo.

Mill Valley Residence
Natural materials such as cedar, board-formed concrete and zinc help integrate the structure into the surrounding environment which includes huge redwood trees traversed by a creek with Mount Tamalpais in the background.
“Every single project, whether it’s a small home or a large civic project, is about how a person interacts with the building. It’s important to build that interaction into your design or you alienate whoever is going to be there.”
Northern California Family Retreat
Outdoor living spaces complement those inside the house. The family common area opens onto an outdoor porch with a built-in concrete ping pong table that can double as a large outdoor eating surface.
Northern California Family Retreat
Melanie and team created a timeless and elegant family retreat that fosters an active indoor-outdoor lifestyle appropriate to the site’s mild climate and picturesque setting.
Northern California Family Retreat
The design is a modern take on the local vernacular. With a nod to the agricultural past, the structures are simple barn-like volumes crafted of wood and steel with crisp, minimal detailing throughout.