Melissa Cooksey

Principal, Workplace, Dallas

Melissa was very young when her father, an Airman, moved the family from Austin to Dallas. Quite shy growing up, she was completely surprised when she realized she actually enjoyed socializing as an adult. She credits the design industry for this transformation.

Her first venture into the world of architecture happened in the 6thgrade. Influenced by her Western roots, she designed a cowboy-boot-shaped house, complete with the pool’s diving board on the bootstrap. Hooked, she continued to explore the many facets of architecture, design, and fashion all the way into college.

Melissa’s favorite part of a project is when the symbiotic collaboration of client and team net out in the end. She finds it immensely gratifying to see a final product make so many people happy. She keeps busy in Richardson, Texas with her husband Steve, her cat Scout, and her dog Duchess.

“I believe the ‘collective brain’ is greater in coming to a solution than just one person, and my work philosophy is to emphasize the benefits of teamwork. Don’t be a hero!”
An Active Member of the Community

Known for her charitable spirit, Melissa serves as the Vice President of Fund Development for the Junior League of Dallas, an organization that raises funds and disperses financial support for up to 39 community agencies.

Melissa co-chairs the Dallas studio’s Social Purpose team, which helps not-for-profit agencies navigate their financial restraints and achieve success within the built environment.

Melissa is also an active member of the Community Partners of Dallas, advocating for child protective services in the area. She previously served on Equest’s board of directors.

Melissa working on drawings
She’s a tennis player in a doubles club league.