Melissa Dicaire

Associate Principal, Chicago

Melissa’s drive to design started very early.  As a kid, she loved to build doll houses out of cardboard boxes – using wrapping paper for wallcovering and plastic wrap for windows. She even designed and built the furnishings, drawing inspiration from ads in her mom’s JC Penney catalog.  If she inherited her creative gene from anyone, it was probably her dad, a mechanic who could visualize and sketch in 3-d.

After working full time and attending a local college, she transferred to Loyola University Chicago on an academic scholarship.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Art in Interior Architecture and Design.

The first interior designer Melissa ever worked for made a lasting impression on her. She was impressed by his lack of ego and his interest in her thoughts and opinions. She aims to emulate his genuine collaborative spirit when working with members of her own team.

Barilla, Northbrook, IL
Barilla, Northbrook, IL
“Every space deserves good design. Everyone deserves a healthy, safe, bright work environment; and a heathy, safe, beautiful home. I believe you put in as much effort on every project – regardless of scale. Good design is important for everyone.”
fun fact
As a Girl Scout when cookie sales were slow, Melissa would fill her time drawing elevations and floor plans on the back the promotional posters.
YWCA on MLK day of service
Volunteering at the YWCA on MLK Day of Service
Melissa frequently leads events as part of the Service+ group, which organizes monthly volunteer service events and fundraising efforts. She also serves on the firmwide Sustainable Design Steering Committee.
Barnes & Thornburg, Chicago
Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Chicago, Illinois
OCC; Chicago
OCC, Chicago, Illinois