Mijail Gutierrez

Principal, Corporate Interiors, London

Mijail’s story is defined by curiosity and imagination. From an early age Mijail wanted to apply his creativity with a purpose. He was inspired to pursue a career as an architect in his native Venezuela where colour, architecture, and applied arts enticed his creative aspirations. Architecture offered him the ideal platform for bringing positive change to people’s experiences by combining imagination, rigour, and artistic expression.

His inquisitive mindset led him to expand his architectural studies to the philosophy of design. Fascinated by how places can influence culture, Mijail is constantly searching for future trends and challenging his own working practices to imagine possibilities outside the norm.

His design philosophy is based on constructing engaging design narratives, combined with architectural rigour to drive design excellence.

Monument to El Lissitzky

Study for a pavilion celebrating the work of El Lissitzky, and the Russian constructivist movement, key sources of inspiration in Mijail’s career. Their fluid and dynamic graphic, and three-dimensional compositions, have influenced the way he approaches design and architecture.

Work rest conceptual axonometric study
Exploration of a new building typology that merges work, play, and rest into one experience and challenges the notion of the traditional hotel and how we work.

Mijail's Featured Work

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