Raj Deb

B Arch, Pg Dip Adv Arch Design, ARIAS, RIBA
Principal, Science and Technology, London

Whether it’s designing a new building or exploring a new creative hobby, Raj loves to take on a challenge. Where others see something complex and difficult, he sees a puzzle to solve, a process to understand or a system to configure.

This approach is what makes him one of the few people who can do what he does: design buildings that cross the boundaries of science and technology, that interface with healthcare, higher education, research, and bio-pharma. Raj navigates project design requirements that are as complicated as the circuit board of a computer, with a talent for simplifying the approach and communicating with stakeholders, to deliver science facilities fit for the future and founded in a robust past.

At home he can be found embarking on more artistic (but no less technical) pursuits, such as wood turning, joinery and cabinet making, and restoration.