Robert Clemens

Associate Principal, Operations Director, New York

Rob had always wanted to be an architect. As a child he spent all of his free time drawing the world he could see around him on long reams of paper that his father brought home in thick cardboard boxes.  

Much of what brought him joy since, was gaining an understanding of how people influenced the built world, and in turn, how much they were affected by it. That interest took him to very different parts of the country where he worked with people on a wide variety of projects from a new 500 seat performance hall in an existing WPA shell, to a personal art gallery behind a Philip Johnson masterpiece.  

Throughout it all, he developed a passion for working with creative thinkers from all walks of life. He believes that this kind of collaboration will help the design profession innovate our work and embolden our ability to influence the world around us. 

"I derive all of my creative energy from working with people and I really enjoy watching them succeed."
Marlboro College Sketch
Maine 2021

Getting to hike and explore the natural world with his family brings him peace and a renewed sense of preservation. He recently visited Acadia National Park with his four (mostly) beloved children.   

Rob finds the contemporary Art world—in all of it’s weird and wonderful ways of being—as a true inspiration and enjoys being around those Artists whenever he gets the chance 

Art Fair 2018
1867 Map of Trumbull Connecticut

Several years ago Rob and his family moved into an historic “farmer’s house” that is about 180 years old. None of the floors are straight and it’s not exactly perfect, but it is so full of character that they all fell in love with it the first time they walked in. All of them are looking forward to spending a lifetime there and passing it on to the next suckers who fall for it.