Runchao Xu

LEED AP, RCIE, China National Class I Registered Architect
Associate Principal, Health, Shanghai

It was a life and death moment when an emergency physician rushed past her at full speed and forced his way into the NICU for urgent rescue. Striking moments as such affirm her choice in pursuit of healthcare practice and her belief in doing good through healthcare architecture.

Logical, rationalized thinking and keen interests in art and drawing made design an ideal career for her. The dedication, accuracy, and human care that medical workers perform at work make her feel motivated and emotionally connected because that’s exactly what good architecture calls for.

She believes that the most exciting part about architecture is being a user rather than a brief visitor. It is the best way to feel the thoughtfulness behind design, something she wants to convey to people in settings and environments that are strategized by her and her team.

“I believe that choices come before hard work. It is true that hard work matters yet it is the choices you’ve made that carry you further and higher.”
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Runchao Xu
Fun Fact
Runchao learned to play Ping Pong at an early age and was an award-winning amateur player. She loves cooking and tailoring.

Runchao's Featured Work

shenzhen longhua - rendering
Shenzhen People’s Hospital Longhua Branch
Shenzhen, China