Seven Qi

Associate Principal, Urban Design, Singapore

Born in Shanghai, Seven’s academic journey led to the University of Hong Kong, where she received a full scholarship. Before that, she attended her hometown’s Tongji University. Since leaving school, Seven has spent more than 15 years practicing urban design all across Asia. During this time, she has overseen the successful completion of a wide variety of projects, including master planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and the drafting of design and development guidelines. She has also worked with a diverse clientele, ranging from private developers and government agencies to public-private partnerships.


Seven is motivated by authentic design influenced by nature and culture. Deeply dedicated to sustainability, she earned LEED credentials early in her career and is a strong advocate for Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) principles, which ensure that cityscapes and landscapes progress with resilience and vitality.

In addition to her project leadership, Seven assumes pivotal roles in guiding cross-functional teams to provide integrated services and sustainable solutions. Her expertise is especially valuable in large, complex, multi-disciplinary projects. For example, she has contributed to the development of high-density master plans for new cities and the rejuvenation of existing urban landscapes, implementing sustainable and smart design solutions in these initiatives.

Recognized for her client-oriented approach, Seven has built and nurtured relationships while adeptly managing communications with clients, consultants, and government representatives. She plays a key role in business development and strategic planning, and approaches her work with a growth mindset tuned to the unique environments of Southeast Asia.