Stephanie Wolfgang

Senior Associate — Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture, Atlanta

Stephanie Wolfgang fell in love with landscape through travel, and a discovery that landscapes are never static, and not meant to be: they are powerful storytelling tools that change and adapt to new seasons, and new histories.  

Stephanie’s landscape designs retain that original sense of wonder, and since 2012 she has worked to tell stories of place in Atlanta. At George Mason University, she revamped a student pedestrian walk, and weaved in a complex recognition of the role of the university’s namesake in holding people in bondage through a reflective monument to his enslaved people, elevating them from static pieces to a catalyst for dialogue. leader combining landscape and storytelling, she sets a standard for landscapere-contextualizing the spaces they beautify beyond aesthetics.  

“Landscapes are the great equalizers; they are accessible to everyone, not just specific tenants. There is a potential to impact so many people, uniting them with the natural world around them.”
Grand Canyon: North Rim
(courtesy the artist)
Painting with Paper

Stephanie’s work also follows her after leaving the office. A lover of destinations largely untouched by the human hand, she has visited extreme climates all over the world, and one of the ways she records her experiences is through collage—using photographs and drawings, Stephanie stitches together colorful recreations of her impressions of place.   

Fun Fact: Landscape Inspiration

Stephanie greatly admires the clean, Modernist aesthetic of Dan Kiley’s iconic landscape designs. Using the formal character of geometry imposed on natural space, Kiley’s work brings peace and order to the viewer, and offers a unique experience of the outdoor world that inspired Stephanie to engage with her own vision, creating spaces charged with stories.

Stephanie 的精选作品

鲍伊 (马里兰州)