Stephen Sefton

Principal, Sports, Recreation and Entertainment, Boston

The son of a U.S. Navy Civil Engineer, Stephen moved around a lot as a kid. This experience taught him to respect and value the perspectives of others, as well as appreciate the particular attributes of a location. It had a significant impact on how he approaches both people and design.

Stephen’s philosophy as a designer was influenced by the idea that one should examine what makes a place unique and develop a design that responds to and celebrates that uniqueness. Before he puts pen to paper, he always does his research, uncovering the specific aspects of a location, its history, the culture and people who have come through it–even its climate. His love of culture and cuisine fuels his drive to get to know a place; no matter where he goes, he can always find some amazing local food!

Now, as he heads up Boston’s Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment practice, Stephen champions the design of facilities that are not stand alone, but rather they are integrated into a location and represent the story of the team, school, or community they are a part of. Not only do these buildings feel like they belong, they also heighten the exceptional qualities of the environments they are made for.

Design Philosophy
“In architecture, you need a story, something that’s going to inspire you. The understanding of how something fits into the bigger whole is what allows you to create that story.”

Stephen's Featured Work

Phillips Academy Snyder Center
Andover, Massachusetts
Columbia Tennis Center
Columbia University Philip & Cheryl Milstein Family Tennis Center
New York, New York