Todd Gilles

Principal, Chief Financial Officer

For Todd, the role of Chief Financial Officer at a design firm transcends number crunching. It goes straight to the heart of realizing our highest creative aspirations. In his words, “it’s about removing obstacles so that people can do the work they love.”

Whether he’s orchestrating the firm’s banking and accounting or deciphering the business rules of a foreign nation, Todd sees his work as a foundation upon which the firm’s design culture can find its full expression. To that end, his goal is to smooth the way so that our design teams can invest more in researching innovative ideas and delivering best-in-class services.

Todd’s extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, top line growth, and attracting new capital make him perfectly suited for his role. And his past life as a project accountant helps him appreciate the granular details, too. That means he can care for the overall health of the firm while remaining responsive to the needs of individual projects.

“You can never communicate enough. Be up front with people and tell them what’s going on, why, and how it might affect them. That is the best way to work.”
Fun Fact
Todd’s creativity extends outside the office and into the kitchen. He and his wife have been members of several local gourmet cooking clubs for decades. His specialty: smoked brisket with homemade seasonings.  

Finance and design have long defined Todd’s life. His father was a banker, which inspired Todd to study accounting at the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He later earned his Master of Business Administration from The University of Wisconsin system. His penchant for design, however, came from his carpenter grandfather: Todd credits him for igniting an interest that, outside of work, led him to help design multiple homes for his family over the years.