Tonya DeLong

Associate Principal, Dallas

Tonya has always been a focused and dedicated worker. Originally pursuing a career in teaching, Tonya quickly realized she liked accounting after interning at an insurance company. Since then, she’s only been in four different jobs her whole career, confirming her formidable dedication.

Enthusiastic about opportunities to volunteer through her church, Tonya has mentored and taught women coming out of abusive environments. Her heart for mentoring and teaching women also carries into the office, where she leads the accounting and finance departments for the Dallas studio.

Having grown up in Brownfield, Texas, Tonya feels deeply devoted to her family. When she’s not busy making strategic financial decisions for the company, she spends as much time as possible traveling and baking. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of her family or even a neighbor of hers, her treats are sure to frequent your kitchen counter top!