A Casa Museum

A Casa: Brazilian Object Museum

São Paulo, Brazil
Weaving Art into an Urban Landscape

When art expert Renata Mellão decided to transform her own house into a museum dedicated to Brazilian craftsmanship, she needed a space that communicated its purpose to the outside viewers. The terrain presented another challenge: The site was a unique, triangular shape.

Considering the restricted, sloping terrain, we incorporated the museum’s entrance into an existing public square, creating a transition between public an private space. The museum’s façade refers to basketry art—an architectural reading of Brazil’s most popular expression of cultural art. The result is a welcoming space dedicated to the exhibition and history of Brazilian handcraft.

Landscape design by Isabel Duprate was a key intergration. A sumptuous flowering tree is featured prominently on the site.



An Inventive Entryway

Visitors enter the museum via the square through a series of sequential levels on a diagonal path.

At the pedestrian level, the project’s unique solution for it’s triangular shape is revealed. The V-shaped concrete edge beam on the first floor juts out from the building. These beams mark the beginning of the entry point and create benches for visitors and passersby.


The panels at the main entry of the exhibition gallery are movable in order to improve ventilation and natural lighting.

Project Team

Douglas Tolaine