Adidas Group AG

Dubai, U.A.E.
A Running Theme of Fitness

The new offices and showroom space for adidas needed to represent the office of the future—designed to enhance productivity, improve communication, focus on health and well-being of staff, and anticipate future head count. Our client asked us to design a space to embody ambition, performance, innovation, technology, sustainability, and collaboration. The office needed to be more than an office, it needed to be a community. So, we set out to create a place that helps people perform better, play better, feel better, break records, set trends, and make history—every day, and all over the world.

Starting in the gym first thing in the morning, Adi-Town citizens have the latest equipment on hand to ensure that their health is the first priority.
Fitness is a theme throughout the office, with a running track used for wayfinding, training ropes used as screening, and balance balls in each of the phonebooths.
We took inspiration from Yohji Yamamoto's line of shoes to provide playful elements that reference the brand.
Community Art

Students from Heriott Watt University took what adidas has meant to the world, and displayed it artistically, with a collage of imagery from the early 1940s to current day.

The completed project provides three major elements: a community that embodies Adidas’ values, gives new life to brand identity, and provides new amenities for employees.
World’s Most Recognizable Brand
The Hip Hop corner inspired by the “Originals” brand theme with adidas’ line of headphones, means that Adi-citizens can work away while listening to music. The backdrop is a graffiti wall with lyrics from the “My Adidas” Run DMC song and the actual original record is encased.