Bacchanalia, Star Provisions

Atlanta, Georgia
Ideal Host, Ideal Space

When a project comes with sausage and jam biscuits at every construction meeting, you know you’re in for a wonderful experience.

Bacchanalia, one of the city’s most celebrated restaurants, and its gourmet market, Star Provisions, were courted to relocate to a purpose-built facility, one that serves the needs of both businesses. Even though their new space would be in an area most were unfamiliar with, the owners agreed to make the move.

Big foodies ourselves, we wanted to create a space that was as much of a draw as their cuisine. So, for inspiration, we looked to their food ethos. Because it’s tied to family farmland, the idea of an upscale barn presented itself as the natural choice.

There’s a day side. An evening side. And, thanks to the specialty market, there’s an “any time” side.

At its center, the famed kitchen. At its exterior, a porch that wraps around the structure and welcomes people in. Lots and lots of people actually. Happily, now there’s more seating to accommodate them.

Star Provisions transitions to Bacchanalia through a wood and stone memory wall. Heirloom photos from the Quatrano's family history are proudly and prominently displayed.

The consummate host considers every aspect of an experience for their guest. Body. Mind. Spirit.

And when this aforementioned host is the person behind a thoughtful upscale restaurant, food is not the only thing they feed people. A sense of place also nourishes the soul. There is an exposed ceiling—open all the way up to the rafters—with a bar-wide star hanging from it, and Edison bulbs that hint to a starry night.

As for the mind, there are interesting details to take in. A rope dividing wall, wood feathered into the concrete, and Shou Sugi Ban—a type of Japanese wood burning technique—adorns the tables.

“Perkins&Will helped us create a space that is as comfortable and inviting for our guests dining on caviar as it is grabbing coffee and a croissant. A seamless daybreak-to-sunset experience in dining and communing.”

Anne Quatrano, Owner, Bacchanalia

The design for the new Bacchanalia and Star Provisions space was inspired by Anne Quatrano’s family farm, Summerland, in Cartersville, Georgia. The architectural look and feel–a gabled roof, open frame, and wood elements–was established in the rural farm vernacular of Summerland.