Bench's hard working social space provides for gathering space for social functions, work space during the day and can be configured for all office meetings.
Bench's hard working social space provides for gathering space for social functions, work space during the day and can be configured for all office meetings.

Bench Accounting Office Interiors

Vancouver, British Columbia
High Impact, Low Budget

Bench Accounting, a rapidly expanding technology firm, approached us to create their new Vancouver headquarters. They had high expectations of what the new spaces needed to provide, including: flexible work environments, a range of meeting room styles and sizes, informal collaboration spaces, and a strong cultural community heart. All of this was to be delivered within an exceptionally quick schedule and on a tight construction budget.

Jumping in feet first, we immediately began to immerse ourselves in all things Bench. We spent time absorbing the company’s history, understanding what makes them tick, learning how they attract their talented staff, and forming personal relationships and a trusting rapport with the key decision makers. The results are a space that is as agile as they are, reflecting their values and harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit.

When I can work from anywhere, why would I want to work from here?

Bench recognized that to attract the most talented tech staff they would need to offer them the freedom to work from anywhere they want.

We realized early in the process that the biggest motivator for these employees to choose to come into the office was to a have access to their equally talented colleagues. In response, we dedicated ample space and the majority of the budget to a range of shared spaces that enhance their community and shared vision.

Form and Function
A subtle expression of their brand, benches are stored in walls that separate social spaces and serve multi-functional needs like their regular town hall meetings.
Wellbeing in the Workplace

In support of occupant wellbeing, we celebrated the biophilic features within the workspace, including the impressive row of 34 bonsai trees along one full façade on each floor and the addition of a moss wall installation at reception that mirrored the exterior greenwall beyond. Creating a welcoming feel, a bio-fuel fireplace is located at the social heart of each floor, soft rugs and comfortable residential touches are applied throughout. Maple plywood was used for millwork and paneling in the social spaces to bring an added layer of warmth.

Accommodating Choice

To accommodate their desire for choice, we provided 24 different typologies of workspace—apart from individual workstations—that included sit-stand options, focus rooms, telephone rooms, informal and formal collaboration spaces, conference suites, and hospitality and lounge spaces to encourage both spontaneous collaboration and private, heads-down work. We conducted a post occupancy survey that found 83% of Bench employees experienced a maintained or significant increase in unscheduled collaborations and 85% maintained or increased their workplace happiness.

Bench Accounting
The Empowered Workplace

Project Team

David Dove