Cisneros Group Headquarters

Miami, Florida

The new Cisneros Headquarters, was re-imagined by Perkins&Will as one integrated, creative, and collaborative open studio, housing the company’s four main divisions: Cisneros Media, Interactive, Real Estate and Corporate Social Responsibility. Located at the top of 2Miami Central, a mixed-use transit hub, the office space was designed to be flexible and emphasize wellbeing.

All spaces are organized around gallery walls, featured throughout to showcase the works of the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros. A rotation of works, from indigenous cultures to contemporary art, enhances appreciation of the diversity, sophistication, and range of art from Latin America. These works create a thought-provoking backdrop, redefining the relationship of Art / Work.

The elemental and minimally detailed custom millwork elements define and provide clarity to the space with simple cantilevered architectural planes, and interconnecting volumes.

Supporting Cisneros’ diverse culture and its multi-generational team, the design includes a full real estate library, media editing room, mini-recording studio, a large multipurpose staff lounge that completely opens up to the interconnecting stair, allowing for town hall meetings or multi-day media sessions.

Materiality was carefully evaluated within a sustainable framework – all selections working towards zero toxicity goals. Maximizing daylight and the uninterrupted 360° views to city, ocean and sky help to balance circadian rhythms. An abstract biophillic reference is created to the uniquely dramatic Miami sky, light and water, as it changes from dawn to dusk, at different times of the year. Seven unique “Horizon Rooms” were designed as quiet, focused work and wellness rooms: an artful, experiential immersion in a two-tone play of color and light, providing a sanctuary to think, write, and create.  Innovative lighting solutions included “Light Ledges” for enclosed offices and meeting rooms. Throughout the project, Light is conceived as a material, adding an emotional quality to the space.

Art / Work

The Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, a world-renowned art collection is seasonally curated. These rich forms, textures, colors, and patterns create a thought-provoking backdrop to both work and amenity areas.

The spaces are organized around the Cisneros’ private art collection and its gallery art walls.

Art is a continuous layer that re-defines this workplace, experiential and thought-provoking.

The new Headquarters for the Cisneros Group, a third-generation global media and real estate company, was re-imagined as a light-filled,  integrated, flexible, and collaborative space. The space houses the company’s two subsidiaries (Interactive and Real Estate) as well as the Cisneros Foundation, and is located on the top floors of the new 2 Miami Central facility, a mixed-use transit hub anchored by the new Virgin Brightline Train system.
Immersive Horizons
Layering in a biophilic narrative, an abstract reference is created to the uniquely dramatic Miami sky and water, as it changes from dawn to dusk, at different times of the year.
Custom millwork with minimally designed elements help define the space with simple cantilevered planes and interconnecting volumes. Materials are used spatially, providing clarity and intuitive way-finding.
Custom tailored AV solutions for the Media Group’s included open collaboration areas, screening room, and private idea rooms.

Project Team

Elina Cardet