Confidential Client

Chicago, Illinois
Artful and Sophisticated

Our client desired a collaborative environment reflective of their company culture, which embraces diverse perspectives and maintains a welcoming atmosphere for their clients.

Reception is warm and inviting, with an art wall that anchors the space and is accompanied by a wood feature wall, white glass, leather wrapped door handles, and refined furnishings. The effect is an understated space, complemented by minimalist details and soft materiality.

The remainder of the floor is organized with perimeter offices and interior support staff workstations. Continuous clear glass office fronts allow for maximum transparency, natural light and outstanding views of downtown Chicago, the lake and Millennium Park. A strong focus on ergonomics and wellness was provided within each office including a sit/stand desk for every office and workstation.

State-of-the-art conference rooms are located adjacent to the reception area with a hospitality cafe as the main attraction.
The guest experience is reinforced by the display of their extensive art collection.
The client engaged artist Kendell Carter, to create an installation for the Partners of the organization.

The artwork highlights bronze-plated shoes, representing each Partner’s inspiration in life, including the shoes of their grandmother, teacher, coach or any figure in their life that made a difference for them.

Project Team

Lara Leskaj
Fred Schmidt
Tim Wolfe