Grupo Lea

San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico

Originally located outside the metropolitan area in a warehouse, Grupo Lea of Mexico had big ambitions to modernize their workplace. Our team worked hand-in-hand with their leaders and employees to capture a space with an essence that mattered to them most.

Their main objectives were to have an office that fosters community, connects employees, and provides a variety of sensory experiences. Through these objectives their dynamic workplace could become a zone for personal growth. One technique used by our designers was to incorporate a clean, open office that is infused with natural light.

The result is an office that is used as a tool to develop and strengthen employee talent in accordance with the company’s values, raising the image of the company as a whole.


The new, modern office is intended to create a hub for clients and staff, while reinventing the company’s image in a positive way.
Designing with our clients in mind.

By having multiple viewing sessions with the client, we designed a space with their goals in mind:

  • Foster community
  • Create a connection between employees
  • Provide a variety of sensory experiences
Our ultimate goal was to design a space that generates opportunities for personal growth by creating an energizing workplace.

Project Team

Antonio Perez Vazquez