NeoCity District Master Plan

Kissimmee, Florida
Smart City Technology

NeoCity, inspired by an ethos of collaboration, is built upon burgeoning concepts that will manifest into mature technologies, from smart sensors and photonics to software applications and process improvements in science and engineering. As the center point for technology development in the state of Florida, NeoCity will catalyze job creation and talent development in Osceola County that will have regional, national, and international implications.

Our master plan for NeoCity envisions an innovation epicenter, a source of high quality jobs set within a mixed-use research and technology destination of regional, state, national, and global impact. We engaged Osceola County leaders, stakeholders, and the community over the course of two years to craft an inclusive district that provides employment, housing, entertainment, and mobility for all socioeconomic levels.

“NeoCity is already generating incredible momentum, positioning Central Florida as an innovation epicenter in smart sensors, photonics, and optics. We expect this development to be a game changer for these industries and for high-wage job creation in Osceola County.”

Don Fisher, Manager, Osceola County, Florida

By incorporating advancements in sensor and mobile technology, NeoCity walks the walk in providing a testing ground of real world application for their resident technology firms.

Project Team

Stephen Coulston