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Ningbo Daily - exterior

Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
New Town Heart

When the coastal port city on Ningbo began to outgrow its old historic center the city commissioned a masterplan in 2004 to expand the city to the east. A 16km2 newly developed area known as the Eastern New Town began, with an investment of 30 billion USD. At the heart of the masterplan sits a new government headquarters and a series of new residential developments. The new Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group Headquarters is sandwiched in the center bridging the community with the government center.

As the home for eight publications within the media group the project utilizes narrow floor plates to maximize good daylighting and natural ventilation

Ningbo Daily Newspaper HQ
A new headquarters for Zhejiang’s largest media group bringing eight publications into a single building.
Ningbo Daily Newspaper HQ
Ningbo Daily Newspaper has a daily readership similar to the New York Times.
Ningbo Daily Newspaper HQ
Ningbo Daily Newspaper HQ
Ventilated monolith

A unifying veil-like façade of vertical fins envelopes the entire building creating an abstract form which stands as a monolithic object when viewed from a distance, yet an open and delicate building when viewed up close.

Ningbo Daily Newspaper HQ Model
Ningbo Daily Newspaper HQ Detail

Project Team

Chris Hardie