Parker Water & Sanitation District Headquarters

Parker, Colorado
Designing a Sustainable Future

By envisioning a new headquarters and as a regional water leader, Parker Water and Sanitation District seeks to deliver innovation and inspire conservation as a responsible, reliable, and sustainable water provider. The administrative and maintenance-focused new facility will serve as the home for PWSD’s projected 20-year growth. The unified relocation will provide unique environmental resources fostering collaborative efforts in the application of celebrating and promoting regional water innovation to solve real-world problems, including the advocacy of sustainable water harvesting and strategies to balance energy and climate for a more sustainable future.

 Inspired by the archeological history of the site as well as water itself, the building is comprised of two overlapping rings that are fully integrated into the hillside.
Designing for Equity

The new headquarters building will be a people focused, collaborative environment where the District’s dispersed staff will come together in a new home and customers will connect with those that bring the life of water into their homes and businesses.

Project Team

Robin Ault
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