Ribeirão Preto Residence

Ribeirão Preto Residence

Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
A Tropical Home for an Art-Loving Family

A young couple with two children desired a home that displayed their passion for art. We combined glass and raw concrete with warm wood to create a unique, modern residence where the family could enjoy their art collection.

As it was situated on a sloping terrain, we segmented the home into two different volumes.  The social volume is placed at the highest point of the site, creating a shield for the private volume, located at the lowest point. A concrete pool creates a connection from both volumes and provides the family a breathtaking view when they wish to take a swim.


A green roof was placed on top of the second volume to increase connection to nature and improve thermal conditions.
Transparent glass walls transform the house into an art gallery; their collection is beautifully on display. 

Project Team

Fernando Vidal