Chicago, Illinois
Welcoming Urban-Dwelling Families

“Defy the conventional.” That was the design objective of this award-winning, 39-story residential tower in the “Greektown” neighborhood of downtown Chicago. The 800,000 square foot tower’s innovative vertical and horizontal organization creates a random, village-like quality while allowing forward-thinking design flexibility. Remarkably, our design team collaborated closely with the developer to ensure that the height, width, and total number of living units can change to accommodate fluctuating market conditions.

The result of a design competition, Skybridge offer residents sweeping views of the skyline from the West Loop neighborhood. At a time when few high-rise residential buildings embraced design as a guiding principal, Skybridge embodies the context of this busy section of Halsted Street. The units are distributed between two towers and planned slightly larger to accommodate city-dwelling families. The two towers allow for a “neighborhood” concept rather than one monolithic building, while also doubling the amount of corner units.

So, why “Skybridge”? Glass bridges span a 30-foot wide transparent opening and a distinctive 4-story column supports a suspended 40-foot open roof trellis.

What Makes It Cool
The height, width, and the number of living units can change to accommodate fluctuating market conditions.
“Skybridge is the successful marriage of architect and developer... a breakthrough in residential high-rise design... this tower becomes a delight on the Chicago skyline.”

AIA jury comments

Developer Collaboration

The design team worked with the developer as well as the community to determine how Skybridge should best serve a need, and it was determined that the building should accommodate a grocery store, a much needed amenity as this neighborhood became more densely populated.

“Winner of a 2005 AIA National Honor Award, Skybridge is as much a work of urban design as it is a residential condominium tower.”

AIA Design Excellence Awards

Inherent flexibility
The tower’s design objectives challenge the typical residential tower model in order to accommodate flexibility in unit types, combinations, value, view, and day lighting.
Vertical village
The manipulation of mass and void, opacity and transparency works to create a random, ad hoc village-like quality.
A 7-foot wide glass bridges span a large 30- foot wide transparent opening, which begins at the 14th floor.

Project Team

Bill Doerge (1950-2021)
Aimee Eckmann
Ralph Johnson
Bryan Schabel
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