Treasury Dock

Dublin, Ireland
Inspired by the maritime history of Dublin’s docklands

This forward-looking government agency relocated to a new waterfront location in Dublin. The building they chose is part of a new development in Dublin’s docklands, a mixed-use urban quarter that is fast becoming the commercial heart of the capital. The design had to take in consideration the potential of this site, and its relationship with the surrounding spaces. The building looks out upon the river and the docks, and the design celebrates this by drawing inspiration from the many sails in the harbour and by maximising access to the amazing views.

Timber paneling inspired by sails and rigging.
Activity based working was adopted with a focus on choice for employees to find a space suitable for their task at hand.
Defining a New Way of Work

This forward-looking government agency relocated to a new waterfront location in Dublin. From the outset, their mission was to create a workplace that would define a new way of working for the future; a model that would enhance connectivity and collaboration, be highly transparent and support the wellbeing of their people.

The floors are arranged around a central atrium and are flooded with natural light. Each one has a large collaboration area on arrival with café style seating forming a “community hub” with wonderful views to the river. There are “neighbourhoods” for teams each with clusters of workstations and easy access to open and enclosed collaboration settings, all designed to be easily adaptable to meet future business needs.

An engaging workplace with health and well-being at its core, where employees can choose their space from a myriad of focused and collaborative work settings.
Worksetting menu
Destinations are distributed to encourage movement and an array of alternative work settings for collaboration and quiet work are located around the atrium.
Natural Materials Bring Warmth and Elegance

Materials were chosen to complement the architecture of the building where timber plays a prominent role in the atrium design. The spaces were to reflect quality and the stability of the organisation to visitors without being lavish. Wood panelling is applied to ceilings and walls to bring warmth and an abstract pattern is applied in varying shapes inspired by the boats in the adjacent docks. A variety of soft colours are used in the upholstery and fabric wall panels to enhance acoustics helping to minimise distraction. Pops of colour in the restaurant and café seating bring a sense of joy.

Health and Wellbeing

The state-of-the-art design embodies this government agency’s values and culture whilst providing a sustainable and healthy working environment. Work areas and meeting rooms are light, bright and airy and designed with biophilic principles. Lighting is energy saving and the choice of healthy materials means there are no damaging toxins.

Gym and yoga classes are run in the fitness centre as well as energetic spin. The homely restaurant serves healthy meals from local food suppliers and herbs for the kitchen are grown on the garden terrace. Indoor planting brings freshness and harmony throughout.

Community at the Heart

The planning of this 8-storey building naturally brings people together. Employees are encouraged to mingle in the restaurant and café and these ‘destinations’ support business integration and teamwork. The restaurant is located around the base of the atrium and the seating area can easily be converted to hold townhalls and events. Collaboration is supported throughout the building with work floor hubs and informal meeting spaces. The garden terrace is a space for relaxation, social events and meetings when the weather is fine.

Project Team

Linzi Cassels