Project Trend Micro
Toronto, Ontario

Trend Micro Offices

Multiple Locations
Cultivating a Long-Standing Design Relationship

As a global leader in IT security, Trend Micro develops innovative security solutions for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. We have guided the transformation of the company’s workplace strategy effort, leading to a long-standing relationship and several projects including: Toronto, Ottawa, San Jose, Austin, Dallas, Minneapolis, Miami, and New Jersey.

Throughout the transformation we have worked with the company to create a model that includes amenities such as break rooms, cafes, and game rooms. Huddle rooms, small meeting rooms, and large meeting rooms foster collaboration and have become standard in every office location.

Trend Micro takes pride in establishing a well-built environment with materials that connect to their rich heritage. Throughout every project, decision makers have been consistently engaged in creating a space that empowers their staff and continually improves the workplace standards.

Trend Micro Conference Room
A large conference room with unique seating, designed for teamwork opportunities.
Dallas, Texas
Design Elements

The design includes industrial elements and open to deck ceilings, punctuated by wood floors, stone accents, and warm colors. The palette is repeated in each office to establish unity between locations.

Engagement in creating a space that empowers staff and continually improves workplace standards.
Trend Micro Break Area
A unique breakout area reflecting local culture.
Austin, Texas
Trend Micro Break Area
A collaborative space maximized with a green wall and abundance of light.
Austin, Texas
Through this ongoing relationship, we are transforming the company's overall workplace strategy, city by city.