UCLA Health Training Center

El Segundo, California
High Performance Team Spaces

The state-of-the-art facility consolidates the NBA Los Angeles Laker’s basketball and business operations under one roof, providing an amenity-rich environment for both the players and staff. Perkins&Will led the programming and interior design for the facility and was charged by the Laker’s ownership and senior management to elevate the culture within the organization to enhance staff collaboration, emphasize player well-being and care, and provide a sense of greater transparency and communication within the organization.

The Lakers are all about basketball and two full-sized courts create the “heart” of the building, designed to accurately reflect game-day conditions at the Laker’s home-team venue, the Staples Center.

Surrounding the courts, the ground floor contains all of the player-related spaces including dedicated training and treatment suites, player amenity areas (lounge, gaming area, quiet room, barbershop, spa-like wet areas), a commercial kitchen for healthy meal prep, a full-service weight training facility, a high-definition video/theatre space, and fully-appointed press/media facilities.

Design for Wellness

The Lakers and their UCLA Health partner are working together to ensure that the facility serves as both a professional training facility with a focus on enhanced training, strength conditioning, nutrition, and injury prevention and treatment. From the programming it houses to its organization—prioritizing natural light, outside air, healthy materials, and active design features such as conveniently located feature stairs, and outdoor planted courtyard space—the entire building is themed around health and wellness.

Level One: Dark, intimate, contemplative, and inwardly focused with an emphasis on visual connections to the court. Level Two: Light, open and outwardly focused with an emphasis on visual connections to the community and daylight.
The insertion of the courtyard accomplished not just one goal but multiple — increased daylight and planted area for health, decreased reliance on artificial lighting for energy, and creates connections between staff on different floors for business collaboration.
The lounge and gaming area provides visual continuity through the courtyard to the courts.
Every element of the design focuses on health and wellness to allow all team members, both players and employees, to perform their best.
The Lakers had been largely focused on creating a home for the players to encourage wellness and support recruiting the top talent. But what they later realized was they needed a space that did just the same for their staff—a hub for all their employees to come together.
The facility sits atop a previously developed site. The design reintroduces drought tolerant and indigenous landscape in strategic locations, playing off the adjacent park facilities to extend potential habitat areas for native pollinators like birds and bees.

Architectural Collaboration:
Perkins&Will / Rossetti

Project Team

Leigh Christy