University of Michigan Crisler Center Renovation and Player Development Center

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Wolverines Expand the Pack

Long considered one of the top players in the college athletics game, the University of Michigan looked to expand on its storied reputation. To do so, they decided to reimage two of their sport facilities. But first, a decision had to be made about the future of the Crisler Center: demolish or repurpose? Built in 1968, it was badly outdated and in need significant improvements. Adding insult to injury, few people attended home games.

In a major sustainability move, the university chose to revamp the building, so we set to work outfitting the facility with state-of-the-art upgrades throughout. One of the updated systems was the electrical—a must for the university’s new high-definition video board.

Additional work soon followed. With new fan entrances, revitalized concourses, interactive areas, and private club space, fans were left cheering for both the renovation and the team.

exterior of crisler
Exterior Renovation of the Crisler Center
Exterior of the William Davidson Player Development Center

The Crisler Center Arena had great bones. Transforming it into a new place would be the ultimate form of recycling, so we advocated for revitalization. The changes were so thorough, most visitors swear it’s a brand new building.

Entry Stairs
Crisler Center Arena
Main Concourse Stairs
lounge area
William Davidson Player Development Center
The main lounge area was designed to support both the athletic and academic needs of student athletes
tunnel to court
Paul and Amy Blavin Tunnel
The Blavin tunnel is the main connector between the William Davidson Player Development Center and the Crisler Center Arena
“Absolutely unbelievable! This is the most amazing arena transformation I have ever seen!”

Dick Vitale, ESPN Broadcaster

Hall of fame wall
Crisler Center Arena - “The House the Cazzie Built”
Tribute to Cazzie Lee Russell, University of Michigan collegiate basketball player and NBA All-Star.
film room
Crisler Center Arena
Athletics Film Room
Michigan locker room
Crisler Center Arena
Mens Basketball Locker Room

Project Team

Ernest Joyner
Don Dethlefs