Vendsyssel Theatre, Hjørring, Denmark

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
A Cultural Center for Performing Art

Vendsyssel Theatre is a multifunctional cultural complex that draws more extraordinary performance art beyond the capital region of Copenhagen. It is central to the artistic transformation of mainland Denmark, attracting visitors from across the country and serving as a unique cultural axis for citizens and visitors to Hjørring in northern Jutland. Since its opening, the theatre has demonstrated a refreshing architectural trend by becoming a tool for bringing people together through design.

Vendsyssel Theatre is Denmark's first newly built theatre in more than a century outside of Copenhagen.
The architecture is characterized by red corten steel facades and the composition of cubic blocks, which both complement and challenge the existing building clusters.
The facades correspond with the theatre’s surroundings during the day, whilst the LED-backed frosted glass facades illuminate in various colors during the evening. This creates an aesthetic link between the town, the front plaza, and the theatre building.
Inside, all the major halls can be opened to the foyer. The use of glass creates visual connections and the performers can get a glimpse of the public from their lounge on the top level.
The design emphasizes the interaction between artists and spectators.
The dynamic and multifunctional complex includes four halls; a 190-seat music hall, a black box theatre, a rehearsal hall, and a large flexible hall with up to 430 seats that can be set to "in-the-round" theatre.