Water Street Healthcare Partners

Chicago, Illinois
An Urban Canvas

Water Street’s goal was to create an inviting atmosphere for their clients, and our design answered that need with a refined and timeless environment that incorporates minimalist details, rich materiality, and strategically placed pieces of fine art.

We reimagined the separation of private and public space in this office relocation project. In their previous office, art was hidden in private spaces, where only a few people were able to enjoy it. The new office displays art in common areas and corridors, creating an engaging and sophisticated aesthetic.

Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the office offer sweeping views of the city, including the prominent Chicago River. The urban context and its many colors, textures, and activity become the additional framed art in every room. This eye-catching panorama contributes to the carefully honed visual dynamic of the office.

Upon entering the office suite, guests are greeted in a reception room that is warm and inviting and delivers unparalleled views of downtown Chicago and the river.
A stone wall anchors the space and is complemented by a dark wood and bronze curved feature wall, a wood floor, silk wall-coverings, and refined furnishings.
The focal point is a wall of butterflies by artist Paul Villinski.

This dramatic piece is located immediately outside the Board Room and at the guest hospitality area, where everyone will see it. Made of repurposed aluminum cans, it incorporates elements of surprise and whimsy in the refined environment.

State-of-the-art conference rooms are located within close proximity to the reception area.
Our client sought to create an environment that reflects the culture of this established company while maintaining an inviting atmosphere for their current and prospective clients.

Project Team

Lara Leskaj
Gina Berndt