At Perkins+Will, we've created a practice where design, technology and research converge to create places that improve how we live and work. To help keep us at the forefront of innovative design, we believe that it is essential to make focused investments in thought leadership in order to solve our clients' increasingly complex challenges and advance our profession.

Our Research Group pursues innovation of materials, tools and processes to create a new generation of ideas. By digging deeper into research, we're reaching higher to improve the performance of our buildings and the health of our environment. Our biannual research journals document some of these investigations.

Perkins+Will’s ten research labs are at the forefront of design intelligence. We've committed ourselves to developing knowledge across a spectrum of subjects that address real-world challenges in order to create a brighter future for all.
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In November of 2011, Perkins+Will launched a new nonprofit organization, AREA Research, for the purpose of advancing design through dedicated research. The formation of this organization represents a commitment to continued long-term research efforts by Perkins+Will. The primary mission for AREA Research is to provide a link that connects design professions, academia, and research institutions into a community of practice and research that improves the built environment and the lives of its inhabitants. The name AREA stands for “Advance, Research, Expand, Apply,” four verbs critical to research that results in a higher quality built environment.

Our Digital Practice Group works across all projects and practices to enable a high-performing, interdisciplinary design organization through the intelligent application of technology. Only through a broad understanding of more effective tools and techniques can we raise the level of value we bring to each design decision. Our work with project leadership on technology strategy, integrated design technology planning, and workflow implementation provides better design and project execution. We help foster a culture of ideas that embraces the value from new technology, putting us at the forefront of our profession.

Our Innovation in Project Delivery Initiative is dedicated to advancing the way we work, seeking improved quality in accelerated and integrated project delivery processes. We're using technology and tools to improve communication, collaboration and workflow. We're also promoting integrated design and construction supported by Building Information Modeling. And we're building partnerships to extend these efforts beyond our firm to the construction community.

Our Innovation Incubator program then fosters an invigorating culture of innovation by supporting small, focused research projects proposed by staff members through micro-grants of money and time. These micro-grants provide incentive for proactive idea exploration, technical development and design collaboration. Results of this research further our design work as well as contribute to the knowledge base of our industry.

We're researching and exploring because this is what drives our ability to deliver extraordinary ideas and buildings.