The Sorting Office, Dublin

The Sorting Office

Dublin, Ireland
A playful new workplace interior for a global tech company unites their employees, enabling them to explore, create, and innovate together.

A variety of workspaces is a key aspect of the design, facilitating various workstyles and accommodating the diverse needs of employees.

The double height space welcomes staff and visitors into the building.
Bringing people together.

The Sorting Office is situated at the heart of Dublin’s vibrant Silicon Docks and comprises eight storeys of commercial space.

Our vision was to collaboratively create a world-class environment that serves as an authentic, energetic, and inclusive workplace destination. The goal is to empower employees to unlock their creativity and imagination, providing them with a happy and functional place to work, ultimately fostering team unity.

The atrium is a hidden square with an activated facade - inspired by the dynamic architectural streetscape in the surrounding south docks. Colourful murals created by local artists sit either side of the atrium on each floor.
The colour palette changes on each level, highlighting peripheral collaboration hubs.
An interior inspired by the city

Journeys through The Sorting Office are inspired by Dublin itself. Each floor layout mimics the movement across different city blocks and parks. Different work and relaxation areas are co-located around the central Atrium, ensuring an intuitively navigable journey through the spaces.

Incorporation of biophilia, ample use of natural light, and a generous south-facing landscaped outdoor terrace with city views for staff to enjoy were key to this regenerative design.

Joinery and meeting rooms are designed for disassembly, allowing for future business change.
Sustainable methodologies, such as our materials bank for rigorous standards around healthy materials, have ensured a safe and healthy environment.
The play between the digital and analogue reveals was inspired by the buildings original use.

Over 50 years ago, the site was formerly home to Dublin’s mail sorting office. Pigeon holes on the ground floor—an acknowledgement to its former life—are used for stories, branding, and objects.

Spaces are designed to optimise natural light, acoustics, views, and connections to nature, to offer a harmonious blend of focus, recreation, restoration, and social spaces on each level, supported by healthy, natural materials.
Zoning delineates spaces, ranging from a buzzing community hub around the atrium, with quieter, more peaceful spaces further away.

Project Team

Justin Treacy
Lydia Collis