New Castle County Route 9 Library and Innovation Center
New Castle, Delaware

Black History Month

We celebrate the creativity, courage, and resilience of Black trailblazers and changemakers all year long. Because Black History Month is not just a moment; it’s a mindset.

National Museum of African American History and Culture
Washington, D.C.
Destination Crenshaw
Los Angeles, California
Breadth, poetry, expressiveness: A journey through Ralph Johnson’s process

Our global design director, Ralph Johnson, is a pure designer whose work is driven by program, human need, and an unwavering commitment to the just, resilient, and livable city.

Explore his career and process.

We champion human-centered design for health education environments.

Our work inspires learning, accelerates discovery, and promotes healing.

See how some of the world’s leading institutions support collaborative problem-solving, technological advancements, and hands-on clinical training through innovative design.

Built for change

These five factors are defining tomorrow’s health education campuses.

Workshop (East 4th Ave Office)
Vancouver, British Columbia
799 Broadway
New York, New York
How Nemesis Coffee brought energy—and community—to a quiet area of Vancouver.
Robots designing human places? It’s not sci-fi.
Shanghai Library East
Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Move over, density: equity and livability are the new urban design drivers
As designers, we have an important responsibility to enhance people's lives.