Announcements 05.13.2022

2022 New York Studio Leadership Promotions

Promotions Expand the Leadership Team

We are pleased to announce the promotions of our colleagues into the firm’s leadership program, which recognizes those who have a remarkable impact on our firm, teams, and our clients through innovation, culture-building, and design excellence.

Maha Sabra
Promoted to Principal
"My focus is twofold: to help deliver every client’s unique design vision through adaptable & creative processes and to address all project challenges with a mix of pragmatism and boundless optimism."

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“My life is a testament of struggles I encountered while finding myself, and it brings me immense pleasure to help people around me do the same. As a leader I strongly believe in promoting our values and the promise of what we have to offer. As a designer, I ensure that our designs satisfy the needs and wants of our clients. But as a creative, when challenged, I am unafraid to argue for what serves the design beyond all else.”

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Arjav Shah
Promoted to Associate Principal
Congratulations to our new Senior Associates and Associates!

James Eastman, Marketing Manager; Mariana Giraldo, P&S Consultant; Iffat Mai, Design Apps Develop Manager; and Ilya Pulyaev, Senior Interior Designer have been promoted to Senior Associate. Allison Brown, Eunee Chung, Phillip Kuehne, Stephen Pilkington, and Pablo Sepulveda have been promoted to Associate.

“Our latest promotions reflect leadership impact within our studio, within the industry, and for the benefit of our clients.  We are thrilled to recognize the contributions of these individuals!”

— Bill Harris, Managing Director of the New York studio