Arjav Shah

Associate Principal, Workplace, New York

Arjav is a talented senior designer with experience in the corporate, higher education, and institutional fields. He combines a highly architectural understanding of design with a wonderful sense of color and materials that lends a unique character to his work. He also brings a commitment to sustainable design and is a strong voice in ensuring that projects are designed with material health in mind. His passion for design and creativity is evident in his work and work ethic and he’s highly respected by his peers within the industry. Arjav was also awarded Building Design + Construction’s 40 under 40 in 2020 for his outstanding achievements.

Arjav believes that design has no boundaries

Design is generated out of ideas that have no limits. Creativity is fluid and inspiration from one area of your life can drive success in the other.

Final Photography: Guardian Life Business Lounge
Sketch by Arjav: Guardian Life Business Lounge
My life is a testament to the struggles I encountered while finding myself, and it brings me immense pleasure to help people around me do the same.
- Fun Fact
Fashion Forward

While Arjav never pursued a career in fashion, the inspiration he derived from designing a piece of clothing shapes the way he approaches the design of physical spaces. When there’s leftover fabric or material from projects, he makes clothing for himself out of these fabrics to channel his creativity into the work he does.

“As a leader I strongly believe in promoting our values and the promise of what we have to offer. As a designer, I ensure that our designs satisfy the needs and wants of our clients. But as a creative, when challenged, I am unafraid to argue for what serves the design beyond all else.” – Arjav Shah

Arjav's Featured Work

Häfele New York Showroom
New York, New York
Guardian Life Global Headquarters
New York, New York
Nixon Peabody New York Office
New York, New York